01 August

By Tyler Chavez

For regal beauty and long-term durability, wrought iron fencing and gates have been the standard for hundreds of years.  But today’s manufacturing techniques have opened the doors to aluminum as an attractive, maintenance-free alternative.

The first known wrought iron dates back to Egyptian iron beads from 3500 BC.  As early as 600 BC, wrought iron tools and weapons were widely used throughout Europe.  It wasn’t until the Baroque and Rococo periods of the 1600’s that wrought iron became highly decorative, with applications that included stair railings, gates and balcony railings.  
The very fact that many of the beautiful wrought iron works from times past have rusted beyond recognition reminds us that, as times change, so does technology…and so do our choices.  Aluminum is a lightweight, strong and long-lasting material that may just be the right choice as you consider fencing and gate options.

Aluminum fencing and gates come in a variety of styles and designs, ranging from old world to traditional and contemporary.  Lightweight yet surprisingly strong, aluminum is considered as secure as wrought iron for both residential and commercial applications.  Plus, it’s usually less expensive and is less costly to install.  

And when it comes to durability, aluminum fencing and gates are rust resistant and require minimal to no maintenance.  Many aluminum fencing and gate manufacturers provide a lifetime guarantee, underscoring the long-term value of choosing aluminum over wrought iron.

With all the benefits that aluminum offers, it’s no surprise that home owners and businesses are choosing aluminum as an alternative to wrought iron.  But as with any large investment, it’s important know the advantages and disadvantages in relation to the application in order to make a wise, informed decision.  Knowing your options and understanding how to choose the right products is one of many reasons to turn to the experts, like the professional, knowledgeable team at Valley Fence Company, New Mexico’s #1 fencing and gate company.  

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